Personal Injury Compensation Lawyers - Hilland McNulty Solicitors, LanarkPersonal Injury

If you have had an accident on the road or at work, or through circumstances caused by the negligence of others, and suffered an injury in the last three years, you may be entitled to compensation.

At Hilland McNulty solicitors, we can assist you with making a personal injury claim. We work with specialist personal injury solicitors, so that if we are unable to process your claim in-house, we can refer you to the right specialist to help your case. You can continue to attend our offices in Lanark in respect of your claim and you will be kept updated throughout the duration of your case.

You can be entitled to compensation for any injury sustained (which is called solatium), in addition to being compensated for other losses (e.g. lost earnings).

Hilland McNulty is a member of the Compensate Personal Injury Network, giving us access to experience and knowledge in this area of practice, and most of our personal injury cases are handled on a ‘no win no fee basis.’

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