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Whatever your legal requirements, it’s very likely we’ll be able to help you with the service and advice you need. Our legal skills are broad and varied. Below, are some of those we provide to our clients every day.


Hilland McNulty can deal with your property purchase or sale from start to finish. When you have identified a property you wish to purchase contact us. We will note your interest with the selling agents, submit a formal offer and guide you towards conclusion of missives. If you are marketing a property for sale, please let us know. We will liaise with your estate agents when an offer is received and issue a qualified acceptance on your behalf. In both purchase and sale we will deal with all conveyancing formalities on your behalf and ensure that the process is as straightforward as possible for you.


It is important that all adults make a Will. If you die “intestate” (without a Will) matters can become very complicated and the expenses of administration of an estate often increase. Making a will is usually a fairly simple process and is relatively inexpensive. It will also give you the peace of mind knowing that your affairs will be taken care of according to your wishes. Contact us for advice.

Power of Attorney

The existence of a Power of Attorney gives peace of mind to the family of a person who becomes incapacitated. A Power of Attorney allows the attorney to deal with the financial affairs of the grantor and, if necessary, to make decisions about their welfare. The Power of Attorney can be activated when signed or “held in reserve” and registered with the Public Guardian at a later date.

Road Traffic Offences

The penalties for Road Traffic offences are set down in legislation, and can include loss of your driving licence, endorsement of your licence and a fine. If you have been charged with a motoring offence, and have received a citation, you should contact a solicitor for advice before returning any of the forms you have received to the court.

Family Law

If you are recently separated, you are probably concerned about your immediate and long term financial future, and about the welfare of any children of your marriage or relationship. Your rights to financial provision on separation (e.g. a “lump sum” from the sale of the matrimonial home/other assets, or to receive aliment) may depend on whether you married or co-habited with your Partner. A Separation Agreement (sometimes called a “Minute of Agreement”) negotiated between solicitors for each client following a separation is often the most cost-effective and straightforward means by which to achieve a fair financial settlement, and can also deal with arrangements for children.

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