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Legal Aid is the help that you can sometimes get when you can’t afford to pay your own legal costs.

You may wish to visit the website of the Scottish Legal Aid Board for more information about your entitlement to help.

Legal Aid comes in various forms (depending on the type of case you have) and is assessed on the basis of your income and capital (savings). Someone on passported benefits (like Jobseekers Allowance) will usually qualify on a means basis without having a contribution to pay. However if you are working, you may be assessed as having a contribution towards your costs.

Please bring along a recent bank statement, benefit award letter and/or wage slip to any appointment that you make so that we can assess you for entitlement to Advice and Assistance, which is the first “rung on the ladder” of Legal Aid. Advice and Assistance is granted by the solicitor who sees you, whereas Civil Legal Aid, Criminal Legal Aid and Children’s Legal Aid are granted by the Scottish Legal Aid Board only after they have assessed your application.

Please note that Legal Aid is not always “free”. As well as having a contribution to pay, if you win money in your case for example you get a divorce settlement or receive an award in a personal injury claim, you may have to pay all your Legal Aid back. This is sometimes called “Clawback”.

Please contact us on 01555 663020 or by email at for further advice about legal aid funding.